Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Web 2.0 find...

So, while surfing around the Web trying to find some bookmarks for our project, I found this e-book.  The e-book is completely free and it is on iCrossing.  It is called "What is Social Media?" by Antony Mayfield.

This is a really cool e-book, which I started reading, and it includes information about blogging, wikis, forums, microblogging, Second Life and other social medias.  I think it is a great e-book to use in class because it is easy to read. Mayfield updates his e-book, so his recent versions are also found on iCrossing.

I really like some of the quotes he uses in the book.  From the Forrester Research, Social Computing, "Social computing is not a fad.  Nor is it something that will pass you or your company by.  Gradually, social computing will impact almost every role, at every kind of company, in all parts of the world."  It is really cool how true this is.  Social media has affected every role in the company, especially the public relations sector.

I hope you guys read this, it is really interesting.  Maybe you could use this for next semester's class Dr. Weisgerber!

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Anonymous said...

That's really neat. What exactly is iCrossing? I've never heard of it. Is it like a StumbleUpon?
eBooks are beyond helpful in my opinion. When I read through Brian Solis' it really clarified connections between ideas and practices for me. I will most definitely take a look at Mayfield's book as well. Thanks for the info.

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