Monday, September 22, 2008

The Myspace Debates

Cue presidential music: dum, dum, dum,dum, dum, dudumdudumdudum dum..

Please play this video while reading the remainder of my post for comedic effect... Thank you.

The Washington Independent has reported that the Commission on Presidential Debates will air the presidential debates on the social networking site, Myspace. Along with the airing, users will be able to access a toolset from powered by Myspace. Below is a screenshot:


Okay this is actually SUPER COOL! You can take a quiz about issues you care about and it will match you up with your candidate, either McCain or Obama. It will rank your issues on importance and if you choose the "I don't care" button it will skip to the next issue. If you read both stances and do not know which to pick, it will mark it with a question mark and say you need to watch the debates to hear them both out. Cool ehh?

Another cool feature, guys! It actually has surveys and graphs of what other Myspace users think is important. You can check the map to see who is winning the Myspace vote, Obama is beating John McCain by an overwhelming amount. I believe there were four states for McCain, 6 undecided states, leaving a WHOPPING 39 states for Obama!! WOW! To be critical, though, Myspace does not offer the amount of people surveyed and if there were an equal number per state. But that aside, I really liked this new feature Myspace has added!

Final cool feature... you can actually send in your questions to the website and some lucky people will actually have them answered by the nominees! WHATT? That is soo cool! This is a GREAT digital media marketing tool to increasing the ratings among young adults to the debates. This election has been pretty wild, and many people are voting for personalities and not issues. Myspace and MyDebates have brought us back to the issues. The Commission is really trying to hook on to the most popular website on the Internet right now. I think this is a very smart move and will see good results.

This just goes to show how cool Web 2.0 can be. I am looking forward to the debates! The first one airs Friday, September 26!!! Visit

I will leave you with my FAVORITE music video this year called "Yes We Can".


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