Monday, September 22, 2008

StumbleUpon Addiction

I never really knew what social bookmarking was until last week in class. I brushed it off like it was just another thing and actually thought that this was limited to the very talented "computer geeks". It was then that I read Shannon and Analee's blog really praising StumbleUpon for it's unique way of sorting your interests and I was interested. But even then, I was very determined not to write ANOTHER blog on this subject trying my best to think "outside of the box". After I wrote my previous blog, I couldn't think of anything interesting to write about so I decided to pay a visit to StumbleUpon.

I created an account, my username is anaceci if anyone would like to add me, and I read what this new program was about. I checked a few boxes about my interests and clicked on the Stumble button. The first page I saw was a drawing page. It was entertaining but not entertaining enough. As I kept clicking the button, I ended up finding a handful of fun websites that I would have not even known about if it weren't for StumbleUpon. Minutes really turned into hours and I have spent approximately three hours stumbling.

I agree with many who blogged about social bookmarking when they say it is a fun tool to use and will ultimately be very helpful when conducting research or writing a paper. If anything it might help you find your "true match" better than Finding people with your exact interests might bring about a potential love connection. Maybe StumbleUpon should think about advertising this side of the social bookmarking... it could be called... StumbleUpon Love. Jaja, wow.

Here are my top five sites that I have stumbled upon!

Have fun!

5. Singing Horses
4. Taste Spotting
3. Games for the Brain
2. Optical Illusions
1. Musicovery


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seu christine said...

I had been thinking about giving it a try.. but now your post has gotten me totally excited about StumbleUpon. I'm going to go join right now and see what I find!

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