Wednesday, October 1, 2008

DON'T VOTE!!!!!!


At least that is what this new YouTube video is "telling" us. Featuring countless of celebrities, including Leo DeCaprio, Jonah Hill, Jennifer Aniston, Forrest Whittaker, Sarah Silverman,, etc. etc., this new viral video is catching a lot of attention. It is actually an AWESOME video. It does have some dirty language but the message is a positive one.

So how is DON'T VOTE, positive?

Well, they are saying don't vote if you don't care about the issues. If you do care, if you are a responsible citizen, then you SHOULD DEFINITELY VOTE. Jonah Hill and Sarah Silverman bring a lot of comedy to a very serious message. Their call to action is to send the video to 5 of their friends and it would snowball from there. This is how this video becomes viral.

We talked about viral videos in class and the effects of them. I think this video will send out a positive image to citizens everywhere!

So... DON'T VOTE... if you don't care.

But you know you should!

Check out registration places!

WARNING!!! this video contains explicit language, a positive message, and A LOT of funnies!


Cori Brooke said...

This is great Ceci. This message of this video along with the recognizable actors to most, will distribute a very serious message through viral marketing. I know now that after I have seen it, I am going to tell others to look at it. (Thus it is already serving its purpose.) The ONLY thing that worries me about it, is that it doesn't get to the point of it until a minute and thirty seconds in. For a minute in a half you sit there seriously thinking, "are you serious? they are telling me NOT to vote? Is this a joke?" Some people don't have the patience to watch the whole thing. But other then that, I think it is very effective.

bradleyf said...

I wrote about this on my blog a well! I think that this was a great commercial. I think that it is good idea because it shows young people that they are being reached out to. I think that alot of younger adults these days think that there vote does not matter (even though I have never understood that concept), and that is simply not true. This commercial features so many different celebrities, and along with Cori, I think that the video is extremely effective.

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