Monday, October 6, 2008

Iphones for Obama

Can you smell what Barack is cooking?
More election news coming to you straight from the cexi blog! Technology has been a pretty big influence in this election year. If you read my previous post about the debates being on Myspace, then you would get a better understanding of that. Presidential hopeful Barack Obama has done very well in keeping up with the latest social media trends like Facebook and Myspace. Terrence O'Brien from reports Mr. Obama has just hopped on the train to one of the biggest trends these past years have seen. Can you guess?

Yep, the Iphone! Apple has provided Barack with his own application to help rally supporters and organize volunteer. It even comes with a handy dandy "Donate" button!!!

The application has an election day countdown and information about Barack Obama's platform.  Pretty neat, huh?

I think this was a very smart move by the Obama campaign because they are associating themselves with a "hip" brand, Apple, and a "hot" item, the Iphone.  It is a good way to get younger voters more interested in what the campaign is doing.  I give them four thumbs up on this marketing technique.  Very nice.  I also like how Terrence O'Brien closes his post by writing:
"The McCain campaign responded by asking: 'What's an Iphone?'"

He earns points for his LOL effect!  Good post Terrence and good campaign strategy Obama!


bradleyf said...

I think that this is a very interesting concept. I think it is pretty cool that one of the presidential candidates is trying hard to get closer to the younger voting group in America. By reaching out to young technology such as the iphone, I think Obama is making a good move. I am not even sure who I am voting for in this election but I do think that Obama making an "Obama application" is a really smart choice. I like how he is trying to reach out to people that may not even be interested in voting and seeing if he can reach them this way. Good idea!

mandimex said...

qudos to obama. he definitely knows what hes doing in order to reach out to people. this is by far the smartest thing i have ever seen a candidate do especially to reach out to his very many young voters.

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