Sunday, October 12, 2008

The solution to drailing!!!

It's 3 a.m., you are in a taxi going home after a long night downtown.  It was a good night, you had a couple of drinks and you feel a little happier.  Okay, maybe a lot happier.  Once you have your Whataburger and you are at home with your friends laughing about the night, you might decide it would be a good idea to call you ex.  You know you shouldn't, but something in you has decided to take over.  Next morning, you have a nasty voicemail and apparently you said some things you might not remember.

Been there?

It's the drunk dial.  It is, for some of us, some of the biggest mistakes of our social lives.  Yet, there is another trend rapidly growing and its called "drailing".  Have you heard of it?  Well maybe you have experienced it.  Let's take the following scenario and instead of calling your ex, you opt to send an email.  That's drailing, or otherwise known as drunk e-mailing.  In class, we have talked about the fact that "e-mail is forever".  The moral of the story was that you might want to think twice before you click send to that nasty e-mail, most especially if its your boss.  Help is on its way!

According to the Associated Press, Google has just developed a new feature that is being used in G-mail that prevents drailing. "Mail Goggles" takes effect late at night and on the weekends.  Jon Perlow, the designer of the Goggles, has designed this feature to ask you to solve some simple math problems before allowing you to hit the send button.  This feature trusts that you will know these simple problems sober.  So, if you passed elementary math, Goggles will save you... from yourself!  Make sure to thank Google in the morning after you treat your hangover!

I think this is a great idea!  It is an effective to solution to a big problem.  Although it is still in its testing phase, I encourage you to try it out and leave a comment telling me about your experience and if YOU think its effective or not!


Anonymous said...

Ceci-awesome find! I just went into Gmail's labs and found it!

Google really thinks of everything, don't they? Although I'm sure some will argue that this an invasion of privacy and that a computer shouldn't be judging whether we are sending "late night" e-mails or night.

Also-love the site design!

mandimex said...

I love the name "Mail Goggles" its so clever. Google is always one step ahead of us and i think its great. I personally have never done this but if i did I'm glad they have created something to prevent you from making a fool out yourself.

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