Thursday, October 30, 2008

Social Media Syndicate Show Podcast Episode 1

This is my first podcast episode!!  It was great working with Wiltson, Christine and Shannon.  We talked about the differences between generations y and z/c.  The podcast mainly covers different social media and how generation z/c grows up online.  It really goes in tangent with the PBS movie we watched online.  We touch on various medias including YouTube, Facebook, Myspace, SMS, and Second Life.  I hope you guys enjoy our wonderful episode!

Social Media Syndicate Show-- Episode 1

Podcast Notes

:05-- Intro

:26-- Welcome

:41-- Panel Self Introductions

1:23-- The Hot Topic

1:33-- Shannon discusses generation definitions

1:58-- Shannon asks panel: "What tools do you guys consider to be important in looking at the differences between how our generation, Gen Y, and the new generation, Gen Z/c, use the Internet tools?"

2:09-- Ceci discussed YouTube

3:42-- Wiltson discusses Facebook

5:21 – Christine discusses MySpace

6:04-- Shannon weights in on Facebook and Myspace

6:22-- Wiltson responds

6:46-- Shannon discusses cell phones and SMS (text) messaging

8:16-- Wiltson weighs in on texting

8:49-- Ceci discusses Second Life

10:35-- Shannon responds

11:22-- Wiltson responds

12:09-- Closing

12:20-- Outro

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